1. Philip Glass

    ZIMBABWE: Philip Glass On Safari With Martin Pieters

    I spent most of April in Zimbabwe with Martin Pieters Safaris. I hunted the Omay which is a 2 million acre Campfire area that Martin Pieters has hunted for many years. I was after lion, leopard, hyena, sable, crocodile, bushbuck, waterbuck, klipspringer, grysbuck, and others. We were on the...
  2. The one which almost killed us!

    The one which almost killed us!

    Hunting the Omay with Martin Pieters Safaris...this bull had been wounded months earlier. My bullets didn't perform even though I had hit him hard several times. Lots of lung blood, but you know the saying - the dead ones get you. notice the bullet hole below is right eye...from PH Allan Moody...