nitro express

  1. erikd11

    450 & 500 NE Kynoch Ammo For Sale

    New old stock Kynoch ammo for sale. Trying to run down an ammo collection I inherited from my grandfather. Sold some of these on AH last year and the members were quite happy with them. Please share this if you know someone looking, and send me your offers. Thanks! 500NE Solid 570g - 3 boxes...
  2. T

    Lots Of RCBS Reloading Dies For Sale

    Hi - I have the following reloading dies for sale.
  3. Papabear55

    Ruger no1 500 nitro

    One of my dream guns has finally arrived! Put together by ssk industries for the previous owner and she is absolutely gorgeous. Ive fired 4 rounds through it so far and it is a pussycat, to my surprise. Had a small crack in the wrist where it meets the tang which has been addressed by my local...
  4. I

    Verney Carron Azure PH In 500 Nitro Express Caliber For Sale

    For sale is a very fine Verney Carron Azure PH in 500 Nitro Express Caliber. Handmade in France in Atelier Verney Carron’s workshop by master gunsmith’s. This rifle has beautiful walnut with dark chocolate and butterscotch tones. Finely hand checkered stock and forearm. Fine hand engraved...
  5. erikd11

    Kynoch NE Ammunition For Sale

    New old stock ammo in original boxes for sale in Vermont USA, thanks for looking! Price 30$/box of 5 Buyer pays shipping KYNOCH Nitro-Express 3 1/4 " case QTY (50 boxes) .450 metal covered soft nose 480g QTY (65 boxes) .450 metal covered solid bullet 480g QTY (10 boxes) .500 metal covered...