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  1. R

    Wannabe African Game Hunter

    Bid on and won a hunt for plains game in late 2000. I was to use it on my birthday 2001. Unfortunately, my birthday is 15 September. Never got another chance to try to consummate the hunt.
  2. Uncle Sauce

    Hello - New Member from North Idaho

    Been lurking on here a couple months or so I thought I would introduce myself. Would love to get an African Hunt booked in the next couple years. Has been a dream of mine since a young guy... Hope to start with a PG hunt (noticed I said “start” – hopefully, more after the 1st!) Not looking...
  3. Z


    bored with more traditional hunting, interested in advancing my hunting skills and credentials
  4. H

    Greetings from Monterra Safaris - Limpopo SA

    Hello from South Africa! Thank you for accepting me on this forum. I am a Professional Hunter here in South Africa and working in the bush is my absolute passion. I am the General Manager of Monterra Safaris, here on the border of South Africa and Botswana, on the Limpopo River. It is my passion...