1. Feel the Fury

    Feel the Fury

  2. PHASA

    Lions translocated to Angola from South Africa ...Conservation knows No borders!

    Attached is a project undertaken by Warthog Safaris under Supervision of Phasa !

    Lion Bone Trade

    Not really a shock that the Anti's are upset with the owners of Lions in South Africa. Apparently now alleging that there is a Lion processing plant in the Free State and that it is actually processing Lion parts. My question is, what the hell did they think was going to happen. The...
  4. thi9elsp

    Lions - Scientific America article

    Reasonable article from a science based magazine vs. environmentalists. The article has interesting perspective on lions in Africa and even considers trophy hunting on par with eco-tourism: "Despite the utility of ecotourism and trophy hunting for lion conservation in general, only a small...
  5. V

    Lion Taxidermy Head Mount

    As you are aware, personally owned African lion hunting trophies may not be imported into Australia unless the specimen was from an animal that was deceased prior to 1977. Does anyone have a trophy...