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    Genuine Lioness Skin / Hyde For Sale Texas Residents Only

    TX Residents only: I recently acquired a Lioness Skin. I am looking to sell the Lioness Hyde within TX state lines to a TX resident. I have spoken to Fish and Wildlife and those are the conditions for this rare skin. I have had the Lioness appraised, but I am open to reasonable offers. I live...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: DE KLERK SAFARIS Review - South Africa 2021

    I came across De Klerk Safaris through a lioness hunt offer here on and gave Hans a ring via What's App about two months ago. I wrapped up a four day safari with he and his team last week and I can't wait to get back to his lodge. Hans and his wife Marie picked me up in Johannesburg and...

    Lion & Lioness Hunt With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Good day AH Community, We hope you are all doing great and are looking forward to all the upcoming adventures this season! This is a great hunt that we are happy to offer to everyone here. Please bear in mind that there is still a non export policy in place for hunters wanting to export to the...
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    WANTED: Big 5 Hunting Trip

    I recently just got back from a plains hunting trip from Africa, and I want to go back next year and hunt one of the big 5. I don't have much money as I am a student right now and therefore I am looking for something like a lioness, a Buffalo Cow, or a Smaller non-exportable elephant.
  5. Lioness Mount

    Lioness Mount

    Lioness Mount Mounted around 1978, this was a captive-raised 6-month old Lioness, who was killed when she jumped her owner's fence and was struck by a car. Now ... it wasn't the fact that the driver killed a Lion that got him scared ... it was the fact that the owner was a former member of...
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