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    Good day AH Community,

    We hope you are all doing great and are looking forward to all the upcoming adventures this season! This is a great hunt that we are happy to offer to everyone here. Please bear in mind that there is still a non export policy in place for hunters wanting to export to the USA. However Canada, Mexico and many European countries are still enjoying lion trophy imports. This is a hard work and adrenaline pumping hunt. Any time you tackle a big cat on foot its a different kind of playing field and you can definitely feel it in the nerves. We hunt at a SAPA (South African Predator Association) accredited hunting area (There are only a few places in South Africa that have met and maintained this standard). The hunt is on foot with master trackers and it is no easy task chasing these big cats. The accommodation is beautiful and services delivered will not only meet your expectations but blow them out of the water. Located in the North West province close to the Botswana border it is a painless 3 hour 45 min drive from OR Tambo International Airport. We hope to see a member or 2 this year for this fantastic hunt! We look forward to every lion hunt we do - its addictive!

    Lion Hunt Package 2020:

    5 Days/6 Nights
    1x Lion
    All Inclusive


    *Hunting for other species can be done

    Lioness Hunt Package 2020:

    5 Days/6 Nights
    1x Lioness
    All Inclusive


    *Hunting for other species can be done

    What is included:
    • Licensed Professional Hunter, a Tracker, Skinner and hunting vehicle.
    • Accommodation on a full board basis, incl. non-alcoholic drinks and table beer/wine
    • Transfer from and to Johannesburg international Airport.
    • Transport between and on hunting Area A and Area B
    • Laundry service (Except on Sundays).
    • Field preparation of Trophies.
    • Licenses for trophies (Permit controlled animals excl)

    What is excluded:

    • Flight from and to Johannesburg International Airport, and any national flights from one concession to the next.
    • Hard tack (whiskey, brandy etc)
    • Firearms and ammunition. (Rifle Hire – $30 /Day if used)
    • Hotel accommodation before and after the hunt – if required.
    • Taxidermy, packing, insurance, transport.
    • Dipping and shipping of trophies.
    • Personal expenses ex. Tips, Telephone, Souvenirs etc.
    • Tourist Programmes

    Find us on the following platforms:

    Instagram: bayly_sippel_safaris

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