1. Buffalo Hunting South Africa

    Buffalo Hunting South Africa

  2. MMAL

    SOUTH AFRICA: Limpopo Hunt With Limcroma Safaris

    So the kids wanted to horseback riding. But in the states not many will allow a 6 year old to ride a horse alone on a trail ride, thus I found this as an excellent way of going back to Africa with the family. What was originally planned as a week family vacation at a dude ranch in the...
  3. zippy21

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With Limcroma Safaris Full Report March 2017

    I just wrapped up my hunt with Limcroma. The process, starting with booking through Dan Leahy to the completion of my hunt, could not have gone smoother. From logistics, lodging, meals, and of course the actual hunt, everything far exceeded our expectations. The trophies can speak for...
  4. Bowhica

    Has anyone heard about this? Limcroma Safaris / SBS Logistics

    We have a trip planned for SA in April and our agent had us booked to use Limcroma, but we wanted to stay with the PH we originally planned to use. Then I get a link in my news feed about Limcroma. I wonder if there will be any impact on the hunters using them this year? Has anyone had issues...
  5. Great end to a very awesome Zebra stalk

    Great end to a very awesome Zebra stalk

    My father Jake Walker and I with the first African animal we took on our 2013 Safari in South Africa.
  6. Zebra Stalk

    Zebra Stalk

    This is a pict of a classic thorn brush stalk underway for a shot at a wary herd of Zebra.
  7. Red Hartebeest

    Red Hartebeest

    After a very tough 130 yard shot through a small opening in the thorn brush I had one of the unexpected but favorites trophies of the Safari. It started with me asking my PH Franco which way is he facing, left or right. Well that drew an awkward look from Franco but after he looked through my...
  8. Last Minute Gemsbok Bull

    Last Minute Gemsbok Bull

    On the last morning of hunt before heading for Johannesburg to come home, we were walking and stalking and managed to cross tracks with this great Gemsbok bull.