1. NurseFet

    Learning the Language

    So this is a post for both me and my husband, @WFet . He has recently gotten into the international trophy hunting business on the importation side. We are slowly learning the value of being able to speak the local languages, Afrikaans, French, Spanish, etc, and interpreters are not always...
  2. R


    We (Dad, brother, and I) have plans for our first African hunt in May 19. We are doing a plains game package in Eastern Cape and we are trying to wade through the weeds of trying to figure out the logistics of getting our trophies back to us (any information is gladly welcomed). I see that...
  3. Royal27

    Can Elephant from any Country be Imported to the United States?

    There are rumors that any sport hunted elephant trophies will not be allowed into the U.S.. I don't have any concrete information as to whether this will truly be the case, or not. What I do know is that the USFWS page that until recently listed the countries where elephant could be imported...
  4. Royal27

    Relive Taxidermy - Christmas in June to be delivered by Safari Specialty Importers!

    Almost here!!!!! This is extra exciting to me as it includes two safaris worth of trophies dating back to August of 2014. To be clear, the choice to wait was totally mine. I decided to wait and have everything completed at once. As others have said before me, Paul at Relive has been great to...