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    Fine rifles

    Dear friends, upon request of some members I post photos of german and british rifles from my collection. (Mausers are possibly for sale) Hope anybody will enjoy. Alessandro 1. Type B cal. 7x57 2. Type L cal. 8x60 N 3. Type S cal. 8x60 N 4. Type B (1943) cal. 8x57JS 5. Mod. Ms350B cal...
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    Fine Guns / Safari / Kansas City

    Is there any good fine gun shops or high end safari outfitters in or near Kansas City? Thanks for any help! 275
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    ** Old Colonial Treasures **

    https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC_mRrSNuv4qfEDtGvIpHeTA ** Old Colonial Treasures ** Enjoy! Thanks 275
  4. Tom Leoni

    SOUTH AFRICA: Classic Rifle Safari With KAROO WILD Safaris

    Some use a rifle so they can hunt. Others hunt so they can use specific rifles. Like me, for example. It was 1995 or thereabouts when NRA launched a publication program featuring reprints of hunting and firearm classics, all nicely bound in pigskin and gold accents and complete with matching...
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    Rigby / Holland & Holland / Westley Richards

    I am looking into having a bolt rifle in 375 H&H built. The rifle would be extensively used for hunting. I would like to know if you guys have any experience good or bad with Rigby Holland and Holland or Westley Richards. I have been around older and vintage Rigbys and Westley Richards but not...
  6. Tom Leoni

    New H&H Bolt Action?

    Today I had the chance to handle and dry-snap a new Rigby Highland Stalker, and my impression was highly positive--especially at the price of just under $ 8 grand US. The only thing negative I could possibly say about it, if I really had to, was that the barrel swivel ring is a bit clunky--so if...