giraffe hunt

  1. Giraffe Eye

    Giraffe Eye

    Here we have Mitch, a seasoned artist at Animal Artistry, sculpting the structure of a giraffe eye socket. Concentration and delicate techniques are required for this job. Enjoy watching the artist at work.
  2. Animal Artistry

    Structural Integrity: What You Do Not See Under the Skin

    Most commercial life size mannikins come with all thread rods that extend down the legs of the mannikin and into the body. Our experience has been these metal supports are too weak and too small, and many times, they do not even extend all the way up into the body. This means life size mounts...

    Giraffe Cull Hunts With Henry Griffiths Safaris

    Here is our offer for Giraffe cull hunts for the 2021 season Hunt for 3 days, all normal hunting services included, -Camp -food and drinks -Ph and Tracker -trophy preparation -transport from nearest airport hunt 1 bull and one cow Giraffe(2 total) total cost to Hunter ZAR30000 at the current...

    Black Giraffe Hunt With Bayly Sippel Safaris 2020

    Greetings AH Community! We hope this is something that will be of interest to the members here! We are very passionate about black giraffe 'stink' bulls over here at Bayly Sippel Safaris and we have 2 black bulls on quota for our 2020 season. This is of course as part of our management...
  5. wanderingjim

    Arrow selection for giraffe hunt

    Hey fellow arrow flingers. I am hunting a bull giraffe in a few months time and was wondering on arrow selection, or more importantly arrow spine selection. I am using my hoyt nitrum at 29inches and 72lb. I am using 200gr or 180gr german kinetics up front. And im using the easton dg fmj...