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    10 Day Elephant Bull Hunt With Dave Freeburn Safaris

    South African 10 Day Elephant Bull Hunt with Dave Freeburn Safaris Good Day AH Community, The hunt will take place on a 50,000 acre Big Five Private Reserve in Limpopo Province of South Africa. Population of Elephants exceeds 130 Elephants. We will be in pursuit of a bull in the 20 – 30 pound...
  2. Philip Glass

    .416 Ruger For Sale

    I hate to sell a gun but I won a Kimber Caprivi in .416 Rem recently and have decided to part with my trusty .416 Ruger. This is the gun I used in the film Trophy to take my elephant and buffalo. It has been accurized by Hill Country Rifles and shoots and feeds very well. The process Hill...