dakota arms

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    Dakota Arms Traveler

    You folks have any experience with them? Ive been looking a one locally in 416RM and 300WM that the price appears reasonable. Comes in fitted break down case with both barrels.
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    Unicorn Wanted - 450 Dakota Dies

    Hello ladies and gents, Have you seen a Unicorn lately, I have and it's in my gun room, I hear it's of the BRNO breed and an original member of the ZZK 602 tribe. Sadly I am unable to feed him, her, it at this time because I don'e have the proper implements to develop the food for it's special...
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    For Sale Dakota Arms Model 76 - 458

    Hello all, I’m posting this rifle I’ve acquired to see if there is any interest purchasing from me. This rifle has never been taken hunting. It has only been used once at the range. It’s in immaculate condition and come with Kahles glass. Dakota Arms model 76 458 Turkish walnut stock If...
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    For Sale Dakota Arms m76 3 Rifles to hunt the Planet

    22.250 7mm Rem Mag and 375 HH by Dakota Arms their reputation speaks for itself ....... their waiting list ...... these deserve to be kept as a group and with the finest Zeiss Glass and QD mounts ...these guns are as new ...currently in merry old England however can export worldwide ... NO...