cz 550

  1. C

    CZ 458 lott

    CZ in 458 lott, the $1300 one: As annoying as discussing this rifle may be, it's nearly in every thread. I'm looking at one and last I saw AHR isn't taking new work. So, issues that I've read about, gritty/cranky bolt and feeding can be an issue. Seems working things over with a polishing...
  2. shardin2

    Vortex or Leupold for 375 H&H

    Greetings, I'm going back and forth for what kind of 9x40 riflescope to put on my CZ 550 American Safari rife in 375 H&H. My two choices are Vortex and Leupold. Now for the Vortex I'm considering Viper HS 2.5-10x44, but the Leupold VX Freedom models. I know they both offer lifetime warranties...
  3. shardin2

    See Through or Detachable Scope Rings for 375 H&H

    Greetings, I recently purchase a CZ 550 American Safari rife in 375 H&H, I want to use a setup that uses a scope, but also the sights. Going back and forth with See Thru scope rings and Detachable Scope Rings. I like to put a 9x40 riflescope on it. Any recommendations which would be a better...
  4. Johan van der Walt

    Which .375 Rifle?

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to purchase a .375 and am considering either the CZ550 American or the Winchester M70 Safari Express. I'd like some views on these two rifles. I already own a 550 and am quite happy with it but the Winchester looks really nice as well. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  5. BeeMaa

    Dangerous Game Ready CZ550 375H&H w/ AHR#2 For Sale

    Your African Dangerous Game rifle is here and ready for you. Price is $2800 for members and that includes shipping to your FFL. Payment via PayPal or certified check accepted. PM me if interested. CZ550 375H&H w/ AHR #2 by BeeMaa posted Nov 17, 2019 at 2:41 PM CZ550 375H&H with Bell and...
  6. J

    CZ Craig Boddington Signature Rifle

    I’m seriously looking into getting my first big bore and starting out with a preference for the classic CZ 550. The customizations on the Boddington suit me quite well. I’m curious how those match up with other options, like buying a cz 550 and having American Hunting rifles making those same...
  7. burri22

    If you could choose: Brno Z, ZG 47, ZKK or Cz 550??

    Hello there i was offered some rifles of the above in calibers like 7x57 and 7x64, also 9.3x62. Here in Europe the 7x64 is the most common. I already have a Steyr 1912 Mauser in 9.3x62 So which one of the Czech Guns would you choose if all were in great and the same shape also Price ? Thanks...
  8. burri22

    Brno ZKK 601 .308 WIN 3 Position-Safety

    Hello there purchased the rifle and i really like to know theres anywhere a 3 position safety available and im searching for another trigger like a timney. Unfortunately ive never seen them anywhere Sorry for my bad english, im from switzerland :-) Greetings
  9. B

    CZ w/AHR #3 package or CZ 550 Safari Classics Custom

    Which would be a better use of money? The AHR package with the synthetic stock seems like a great deal, but I also like the idea of getting a custom rifle from CZ in .375 H&H or .404 Jeffrey. I'm a total beginner at all of this, so what do you think would be better?
  10. reinhardtR

    CZ 550 - .416 Rigby good choice for dangerous game?

    I want to buy my first big bore rifle and I've done some research and found that a CZ 550 in 416 Rigby might be a good choice for a beginner like myself. The rifle is not expensive but the ammo might be a bit heavy on the wallet. I would like to know what the other members think of the combination ?