1. H

    Which Handgun Caliber For Big Game Hunting?

    Good afternoon, I'm preparing to go hunting in African and am planning on bringing a handgun with me in addition to my rifle. I always use your ammo and bullets, so I was wondering in your opinion if I'm encountering dangerous game such as buffalo, hippos, and rhinos, which round would serve me...
  2. BGdino

    New Member From The Birthplace of America

    Hello all, It is a pleasure to join this forum. I recently heard of this site from an iPod Hunting Podcast. I finally booked a trip this year after several years of frequenting hunting shows here and will be leaving in April 2017. I am from the great hunting state of Pennsylvania and still...
  3. Stallion Zebra

    Stallion Zebra

    Taken broadside at 100 yards with my 375 H&H magnum using Norma Oryx 300grain bullet. Broke rib and ruptured lungs with lot of bleeding.He ran for 30 yards and then dropped down. Zebra are quite tough to withstand proper shot placement and can run for a while before dropping dead.