1. E

    BRNO ZKK-602 Magnum Mauser in 458 Win Mag Barreled Action

    BRNO ZKK-602 Magnum Mauser barreled action in 458 Win Mag. Parts you will need are a bolt body, bottom metal and trigger. CZ 550 bolt will work with this action. Just screw the firing pin assembly into a CZ550 Bolt and let the big dog eat. 25" barrel OAL- 24-3/8" long from receiver face. It...
  2. Jager Waffen74

    For Sale CZ 455 Trainer .22LR Unfired In The Box! (Discontinued)

    I am selling a Bran New CZ 455 Trainer Rifle in the box. I purchased this when these were being made because I heard they were extremely accurate and high quality. I never got around to shooting it. I have decided to sell it. These are hard to find since they are discontinued. It has a...
  3. Quinton

    Any known Brno ZKK 600 / 602 peep sight and QR scope mountings?

    Good day all. I've recently acquired a BRNO ZKK602 action after unsuccessfully trying to source a pre '64 action for an upcoming .375 H&H build. It is a later version without the pop-up peep sight and in a very good condition. Not long after I managed to secure a 1972 pop up ZKK600 action...
  4. N

    CZ scope mounts- Are Brno/CZ .22 mounts the same as CZ 550?

    Hi All, I ask the learned gun nuts on the forum if CZ 550 mounts are the same as Brno/CZ .22 mounts. Initial investigation indicates they are the same size -17 mm. Seems possible. I just bought a .22 but will have to go through licensing procedure before I have it in my hands and I am trying to...
  5. Jan007

    For Sale BRNO 375 CZ 602 With Lynx 4-16 x 42 Scope & Gun Bag

    BRNO 375 CZ 602 with Lynx 4-16 x 42 scope, Brno 375 CZ 602 with mounted Lynx 4-16 x 42 scope and gunbag. As good as new. Fired about 30 shots at most. R25,000.00.
  6. Jan007

    For Sale BRNO 30-06 With Lynx 4-24 x 42 Scope & Gun Bag

    BRNO 30-06 with Lynx 4-24 x 42 scope, Brno 3006 with mounted 6-24 x 42 scope and gunbag. Hardly ever used and in excellent condition. R15 000.00.
  7. neckdeep

    1956 BRNO ZG47 Action For Sale

    56 BRNO ZG47 Bolt,receiver, firing pin, spring and safety, as shown in pics, previous owner did some light sanding on bottom edge of receiver, feed rail and inside are completely intact, standard .475 boltface, $625 shipped to FFL
  8. Aaron N

    Vz-24 Questions

    I’m in need of some opinions here! I know there are a bunch of Bruno fans lurking around. I’ve come across a VZ-24 action in 8mm for what seems to be a decent price. I’m just wondering if there are any years I should stay away from, or were they all solid actions. Also, I’m not sold on an...
  9. neckdeep

    For Sale BRNO VZ24 275 Rigby

    BRNO VZ24 275 Rigby, 22" Shilen Barrel 9.5 twist, Weaver Steel Bases included, 7.2 pounds, barrel and action excellent, bottom metal good, this action is butter smooth, numbers match on bolt and receiver, Please PM or post any ?'s, $625 shipped to your FFL in lower 48
  10. neckdeep

    For Sale 1973 BRNO ZKK 602 458 Win Mag With Pop Up Peep Site

    1973 BRNO ZKK 602 458 Win Mag with Pop Up Peep Site, well used, wood is rough, metal finish is thin in area's, most likely carried a lot and not shot much, bore is clean and bright, action is super smooth, weigh's just slightly over 8 1/2 pounds, fixed rear sight plus two folding leave's, has a...
  11. burri22

    If you could choose: Brno Z, ZG 47, ZKK or Cz 550??

    Hello there i was offered some rifles of the above in calibers like 7x57 and 7x64, also 9.3x62. Here in Europe the 7x64 is the most common. I already have a Steyr 1912 Mauser in 9.3x62 So which one of the Czech Guns would you choose if all were in great and the same shape also Price ? Thanks...
  12. B

    CZ w/AHR #3 package or CZ 550 Safari Classics Custom

    Which would be a better use of money? The AHR package with the synthetic stock seems like a great deal, but I also like the idea of getting a custom rifle from CZ in .375 H&H or .404 Jeffrey. I'm a total beginner at all of this, so what do you think would be better?