brno 602

  1. osne

    Trigger stuck (could not fire), Brno 602

    Has anyone else ever experienced that after closing the bolt on a Brno Zkk-602 (or a 600), the trigger gets stuck and is impossible to pull (i.e the firning pin doesn’t release and the cartridge therefore can’t be fired)? I experienced this today in my 602 which is a 450 Rigby, re-chambered...
  2. E

    BRNO ZKK-602 Magnum Mauser in 458 Win Mag Barreled Action

    BRNO ZKK-602 Magnum Mauser barreled action in 458 Win Mag. Parts you will need are a bolt body, bottom metal and trigger. CZ 550 bolt will work with this action. Just screw the firing pin assembly into a CZ550 Bolt and let the big dog eat. 25" barrel OAL- 24-3/8" long from receiver face. It...
  3. Red Dog Rising

    For Sale CZ ZKK 602 - Custom Caliber 450 Dakota $1,750 Fully Insured & Delivered To Your FFL

    UPDATE:> I am attaching a ton of pictures for this rifle. CZ 602 ZZK Imported into Oakhurst California. Selling price is $1750, fully insured and delivered to your door. I ship to the lower 48 only, and not to any state where the seller is required to do more then receive an FFL and ship the...
  4. P

    BRNO 602 Action Screw Torque?

    I have recently purchased a 1983 vintage BRNO 602 in .375 H&H. I disassembled it to inspect the barrel and that part of the action that is hidden for any signs of rust (none were there, thankfully). I now need some help here with the torque settings for the three screws - the two action screws...