blue wildebeest

  1. Blue Wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest

    Steven Gross shot this magnificent Blue Wildebeest with Ditholo Safaris, thanks Ian for the awesome hunt!
  2. Wihan

    My dad harvested a GIANT wildebeest bull! Great shot placement meant the bull did not make it far!

  3. Blue wildebeest

    Blue wildebeest

    Blue wildebeest taken with a 416 Weatherby Magnum, Using a 410gr Woodleigh RN soft point in Zimbabwe

    Plains Game Hunting Package 2019/2020

    HUNTHOEK HUNTING SAFARIS We are proud to offer you the following Plains Game Package for 2019/2020! 5 Trophy Animals included: 1 x Blue Wildebeest 1 x East Cape Kudu 1 x Impala 1 x Common Blesbuck 1 x Warthog You’ll have 7 full hunting days and 8 nights’ accommodation at our luxurious...
  5. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Browser Vs Grazer Hunting Package 2019 & 2020

    We would like to present you with a package that will give you a mixture of hunting styles, namely hunting a few of the popular browser feeders vs hunting a few grazers. The package includes 7 full days of hunting, including the 6 listed animals . 8 Nights with 7 Full Hunting Days for 1 Hunter...
  6. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Africa Introductory Hunting Package 2019 & 2020

    Here is a package for most first time Africa hunters who wish to get their feet wet on some of the most sought after animals that Africa has to offer. It is a mixture between browser feeders and grazers, and will cover most of the different terrain that the Eastern Cape has to offer from some...