1. Wihan

    String jumping examples! A MUST watch before bowhunting in Africa!

    Time for and educative bowhunting video: This video just shows how quick our African animals react! With all the predators around these animals are just so tuned in with there senses. This video is a compilation with movement tracking to show you how much these animals actually can jump you...
  2. Bowhuntr64

    2019 Bow Battle Winner: Check out my New Rig

    After testing many of the new bows on the market this year, and making a few different Bow Battle Vids comparing them (you can see those on my YouTube Channel: Lusk Archery Adventures), there was one clear winner for me. I'm eager to take this new rig on my next trip to Africa.
  3. markferrigno

    Looking for 2018 Elk Archer Hunt in Colorado, guided or Semi-Guided

    Hello All, I am in Colorado (experienced rifle hunter, new to Archery)and have a friend traveling from the East coast and we are looking for a guided or semi-guided Elk Archery hunt for 2018. 2x1 for a guided hunt would be fine, drop camp or private land. If any AH members are guides, know of...
  4. OptimO

    Deer Hunting Video WNYA

    Last archery season we tried something different, we hunted on public land for the first time and it paid off. Deer Hunting Video
  5. Yellow Billed Horn Bill Bow Hunt

    Yellow Billed Horn Bill Bow Hunt

    Archery hunt in South Africa turned into a bird hunt. Harvested with standard archery tackle. Montec broadhead by G5 on an Easton Full Metal Jacket arrow shot with my Hoyt Vulcan.
  6. Kudu


    49" Kudu bull from South Africa.