1. neckdeep

    For Sale Custom CZ 550 375 H&H AHR Action

    I purchased this to build a AHR custom because of the American Hunting Rifle stamp on the receiver, imported by AHR, pre-Wayne, pre CZ-USA most likely. Much to nice to take apart, would make a great project or just shoot it like it is. 25" barrel, nice piece of wood, receiver and bottom metal...
  2. B

    CZ w/AHR #3 package or CZ 550 Safari Classics Custom

    Which would be a better use of money? The AHR package with the synthetic stock seems like a great deal, but I also like the idea of getting a custom rifle from CZ in .375 H&H or .404 Jeffrey. I'm a total beginner at all of this, so what do you think would be better?