458 win mag

  1. E

    BRNO ZKK-602 Magnum Mauser in 458 Win Mag Barreled Action

    BRNO ZKK-602 Magnum Mauser barreled action in 458 Win Mag. Parts you will need are a bolt body, bottom metal and trigger. CZ 550 bolt will work with this action. Just screw the firing pin assembly into a CZ550 Bolt and let the big dog eat. 25" barrel OAL- 24-3/8" long from receiver face. It...
  2. 2

    HELP / Lebeau-Courally 458 Double Rifle

    I am looking for any information about the following rifle. What is its value? Please see link...
  3. T

    Ruger no 1 buying guide

    First real post and I figured I would post this here because it is not really a buy/sell ad and probably doesn't belong in classifieds. Plus, I didn't see a thread that aggregated general buying tips on medium/big bore ruger no 1's into one thread, so I figured I would make one! Hopefully I...
  4. Captain Munro

    416 Remington Magnum V.S. 458 Winchester Magnum

    Good morning, AHF, I have several comparison questions regarding these 2 calibers and I am positive I will get the best answers here. I have done some research already on several of these topics, but I like real user input. Ammunition Cost (PPR)? Availability of Ammunition (USA and Africa)...
  5. J

    For Sale Winchester Model 70 In 458 Win Mag

    Winchester Model 70 458 Win Mag Light use Minor marks on stock from safari Original rifle box Trijicon fiber optic RMR Original RMR box Pelican travel case 19 fully loaded cartridges 29 spent brass 50 new in box Hornaday brass 70 swift A frame 500grain softs 20 Woodleigh weld core 500 grain...
  6. Bullthrower338

    For Sale 1974 Winchester M70 Super Grade 458 Win Mag

    1974 model 70 Super Grade with Williams peep installed. I bought this rifle from a gentleman that took it to Tanzania and killed a buff with it so it has been hunted and has a few character marks that came honestly. Hasn’t seen much use since it got back home. I’ve shot maybe a box of shells...
  7. B

    For Sale 458 Win Mag Ammunition

    For sale Hornady 458 Win Mag superformace Ammo 500 gr. Solid. 3 boxes factory new $75.00 per box plus shipping. I purchased them for a trip to Zimbabwa that didn't happen.