450 rigby

  1. osne

    Trigger stuck (could not fire), Brno 602

    Has anyone else ever experienced that after closing the bolt on a Brno Zkk-602 (or a 600), the trigger gets stuck and is impossible to pull (i.e the firning pin doesn’t release and the cartridge therefore can’t be fired)? I experienced this today in my 602 which is a 450 Rigby, re-chambered...

    New Stock: 450 Rigby Loaded Ammo & 308 Win Ammo (RWS Brass)

    Good evening AH- We have a couple new things just added to the inventory: Norma 450 Rigby 500gr Solids - $84.95 / box (10 rounds) https://ravenrocksprecision.com/450-rigby-500gr-solid-10-round-box/ Swiss P 308 Winchester 130gr Final SR - The headstamp on this ammo is RWS (opened one box to...

    20% Off Norma 450 Rigby Brass On 4/5 - 1 Day Sale

    The sale is live now and is good all day tomorrow (5 April). 20% off new Norma 450 Rigby Brass with coupon code "450Rigby20" The Code brings the price down to $95.96 / 25. Free shipping over $150. https://ravenrocksprecision.com/450-rigby-25-ct/
  4. C

    Wanted Nosler 416 Rigby, 458 Lott & A CZ 550 450 Rigby

    Hey all, looking for Nosler specifically- 416 Rigby, 458 Lott and 375 H&H ammo Still on the hunt for a CZ 550 in a 450 Rigby. I know there’s a custom one for sale on here but $8k is out of my range and don’t need a custom one.
  5. C

    Looking For 450 Rigby CZ 550. Serious Buyer. I'll Cover All Shipping And I Can Email My FFL License

    Hey all, looking for a CZ 550 in 450 Rigby. Had someone on this who said they had one but they never responded to my text or calls. Maybe a spammer. But I am a serious buyer. I will pay all shipping costs and I live just a few minutes away from my FFL. I have a 375 H&H, 416 Rigby and a 458 Lott...
  6. Xander

    Custom 450 Rigby

    Hi guys been on the forum for a while first post. Wondering what you guys think of the 450 rigby I have an opportunity to buy a custom one with a Ferlach barrel and a Musgrave action. For around R18 000 Don't know if it is a good deal or even a good idea to buy the rifle Just wanting some...