.416 ruger

  1. S

    Want To Buy Ruger Guide Gun Or M77 Hawk In .416 Ruger With Muzz Brake & Normal Barrel Tip

    I’m looking for a Ruger Guide Gun or m77 Hawkeye African in .416 ruger. I would like one that has the muzzy brake and the normal barrel tip that came with it as well. I will consider all prices within reason so please don’t hesitate to shoot me a price that you’d be willing to consider passing...
  2. Philip Glass

    .416 Ruger For Sale

    I hate to sell a gun but I won a Kimber Caprivi in .416 Rem recently and have decided to part with my trusty .416 Ruger. This is the gun I used in the film Trophy to take my elephant and buffalo. It has been accurized by Hill Country Rifles and shoots and feeds very well. The process Hill...