416 rigby

  1. plkardasz

    416 Rigby By Rigby Bespoke Rifle

    Big game rifle in caliber 416 Rigby, model BG 195 Big Game DSB. Custom made by Rigby in London in 2015. The 24” lightweight barrel features the traditional Rigby ¼ rib. The rifle was made in the highest available specification, including: Grade 9 wood London Best oil finish Chequered bolt...
  2. osne

    Trigger stuck (could not fire), Brno 602

    Has anyone else ever experienced that after closing the bolt on a Brno Zkk-602 (or a 600), the trigger gets stuck and is impossible to pull (i.e the firning pin doesn’t release and the cartridge therefore can’t be fired)? I experienced this today in my 602 which is a 450 Rigby, re-chambered...
  3. 2

    YES/NO *** Ruger RSM Confusion or Question

    Here is a link to a Gunbroker ad. Please look at pictures 3 and 4. The serial number prefix is “M134”. Confusion or question, I was not aware of such a prefix for the Ruger RSM? I was under the impression that “780” was the earlier versions and “750” was the later ones. The Ruger Express was...
  4. C

    Wanted Nosler 416 Rigby Ammo & 458 Lott Ammo

    Hey all, I’m looking for these 2. Just one box of each. Building a display one day of different rifles and it’d be cool to have these rounds on display to match the other rounds I have. Happy to pay full shipping costs. I live in Atlanta, GA. Thank you for your time. Chris
  5. H

    Need complete bolt assembly CZ 550 in 416 Rigby

    Howdy well title says it all... here is the story behind it! In an auction I picked up a beautiful CZ 550 Safari Classic chambered in 416 Rigby, the firearm is immaculate, like it came out of the box new! . I'm thinking who ever had it before... went on a hunt and somehow lost the entire...
  6. osne

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Report Nov 2020 - Cape Buffalo With Spear Safaris

    Here is the hunting report from my long awaited first Cape Buffalo safari, which took place in November 2020 in Limpopo just after South Africa had started to open up from the strict Covid lock-downs. I hunted with Ernest Dyason and Spear Safaris and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice...
  7. J

    Rifles For Sale

    Hello, I have two safari rifles for sale, both in top condition. 1. Charles Boswell 475 nr.2 cal. - side by side. 2. John Rigby Genuin 416 Rigby cal. Let me know when interested. Best regards
  8. Nile Croc w/ NB Safaris

    Nile Croc w/ NB Safaris

    Brain shot with .416 Rigby stopped him in his tracks. One in the shoulder just to be sure.
  9. denislesya

    Comparison Parenyk bullet of 12 c with bullets 375 H&H; 416 Rigby on hunting African 4

    Ladies and Gentlmen ! Dear hunters ! It is open theme to discuss of Parenyk bullet of 12 caliber, in comparison with bullets of calibers 375 H&H; 416 Rigby, in relation to hunting of the African four.