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    SOUTH AFRICA: My Successful 7 Day Hunt With Pawprint Safaris In The Northwest & Limpopo Provinces

    Great hunt report and great animals. I'm thinking of adding an old dry cow buffalo to my "wanted" list.
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    Gear you couldn’t hunt without

    Water, compass, I-phone, lighter, small bag with rich pine tinder slivers, headlamp, small high-quality flashlight, wet wipes, 4" fixed blade knife, 10 spare rounds of ammo, drag rope, dry socks, binos, jerky, dried fruit. This is what I take for a half/full day hunting plus layered clothes and...
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    American hunter black giraffe hunt

    Mr. Poindexter you are spot on. Teenage girls and attractive ladies can be guaranteed to receive immediate negative attention- especially if they shoot a PCC (pretty, cute, cuddly) animal. Big whitetails, lions, and elephants also seem to trigger the uninformed masses negative emotional...
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    I got to take my dad and kids fishing...

    Yes sir, he did. Dad has never been much of a hunter. Small game only as he likes steady action and has never been into waiting for anything to happen for long. However, he always has loved the outdoors and I have eaten more fish caught from creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico...
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    Former Rep. Heck, Who Lobbied for PETA, Kills Zebra on Safari

    I personally wouldn't represent PETA on any matter. He did sign on to lobby for them on a very specific piece of legislation that is pretty far removed from hunting.
  6. Fishing Florida USA

    Fishing Florida USA

  7. Florida USA Fishing Red Snapper

    Florida USA Fishing Red Snapper

  8. Red Snapper Fishing Florida USA

    Red Snapper Fishing Florida USA

  9. Florida USA Fishing

    Florida USA Fishing

  10. 24" Mangrove Snapper Fishing Florida USA

    24" Mangrove Snapper Fishing Florida USA

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    SOUTH AFRICA: Outstanding Hunt With Chris Troskie Safaris Africa & Henry Arms

    Thanks for the report! Congrats and I'm glad y'all all had such a great time. I'm a lever gun fan, too. Ragman, blue wildebeest is one of my favorite antelope to hunt, makes a great trophy, and is wonderful on the table. I recommend you hunt one if you can.
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    I got to take my dad and kids fishing...

    Thanks guys. Really special to me as I can see the old man really is old now and, though he did well, we had to help him in and out of the boat and he had to fish sitting on a cooler. He never asked for help fighting a fish though! I do believe there is a chance that this was our last trip...
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    I got to take my dad and kids fishing...

    I grew up with deep sea fishing trips with my dad as an annual summer tradition. That continued after I got married and for a good 10 or 15 years my wife and I would plan a summer vacation usually to Orange Beach, Al with my parents. More often than not, we did a blue water, overnight tuna trip...
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    Used older scopes

    Leupold Vari-X III 1" tube scopes in 1.5-5 and 2-7 show up occasionally at my local shop. I've bought 3 or 4 so far and in the price range you mentioned, sent them back to Leupold for any needed tinkering, and mounted them up- usually on a #1 or classic Marlin lever action. They have been...
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    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time three favorites are: 30-30 30-06 And .44 mag. But if I could only have three for N. America they would be: .22 Mag 30-06 .350 Rem Mag If it were three for hunting animals worldwide they would be: .22 Mag 30-06 .416 Rigby