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    For Sale Leupold Scope & Henry Lever Action

    Scope sold
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    Hello from Snowy SE PA

    Welcome to AH!!
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    For Sale Leupold Scope & Henry Lever Action

    Henry has been sold. Still have the Leupold FXII 4x28 handgun scope for sale.
  4. Leupold 4x28mm Handgun Scope

    Leupold 4x28mm Handgun Scope

  5. Henry GoldenBoy .22 Magnum Rifle

    Henry GoldenBoy .22 Magnum Rifle

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    New member from Missouri

    Welcome from Central Arkansas!!
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    For Sale Leupold Scope & Henry Lever Action

    Good Evening AH family...I have a couple of items as I was going through the safe I have no need for and going to give you guys first go at them. The rifle I will ship to the lower 47 with the exception of CA to your FFL dealer as long as they accept transfers from individuals. The Scope will...
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    Hang in there

    That is the biggest obstacle we are facing right now. We are not set up in our homes and farms for weather this cold or snow like this either. 2000 was the last year it was this cold here and we were 2.5 weeks without power then with no generators. We had to pull all the animals into one barn...
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    Hang in there

    Grew up with one of those in the kitchen along with glass lamps when the power was out. There was no such thing as the luxury of us having a generator back then lol. Was actually thinking of the old kerosene heater the other day lol. It’s out in the shed somewhere still if we ever need it again.
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    Hello from NC

    Welcome to AH!!
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    Hang in there

    I thought about going bow hunting earlier since our season is still open til the 28th but I went down the road to the store and there were vehicles flying down the road way to fast, sliding through ditches, crossing my lane...I decided I’m not getting out in this heading across the mountain to...
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    Hang in there

    We got 10 inches here the day before yesterday and calling for another 6-10 tonight. We have been without power for about 36hrs now but rewired my electric water heater to run off the generator and running drop lights and all the freezers, refrigerator, WiFi, and tv off the generator...we have a...
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    Doo doo doo lookin out my back door

    I am central Arkansas
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    Doo doo doo lookin out my back door

    Bout a foot of snow here today unfortunately...85% humidity and 8 degrees right now and the high today. We aren’t used to that around here lol we never get snow hardly. Half the county without power and trees across power lines all over. Haven’t had weather like this in 20 years lol.
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    Weatherby Fibermark Mark V Japan 26 Barrel .257 WBY Zeiss HD5 3-15x42

    Awesome package deal!! Wish I had the extra money laying around right now!! Awesome long range cartridge as well...very flat shooting and hard hitting.