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    ZIMBABWE: Hunting The BVC In Zimbabwe For Buffalo, John Sharp Safaris Exceeding Expectations

    You know, reading these reports saddens me no end. I hunted the BVC in 2013 and am reliving the experience reading these reports. I can’t manage the walking now or I’d be booking my trip in the morning. There is a style to the writing here that generates excitement, anxiety, joy, and envy...
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    Jackal Pictures

  4. Wing Shooting in South Africa

    Wing Shooting in South Africa

  5. South Africa Wing Shooting Sandgrouse

    South Africa Wing Shooting Sandgrouse

  6. Bird Hunting using a Falcon

    Bird Hunting using a Falcon

  7. Goose Hunt South Africa

    Goose Hunt South Africa

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    Bird hunting day

    I forgot the really quick guinea fowl drive we did. Scored “a left and a right”.
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    Bird hunting day

    Rock pigeons in South Africa, absolutely the hardest wing shooting I’ve had. Had two days of goose hunting, also in South Africa, birds had never been hunted and we used the ugliest excuses for decoys imaginable, great fun. And there was one evening shooting sand grouse in Zimbabwe. Oh, and...
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    Goats in Scotland - The latest hunting outrage in the media

    The BBC Article mentions that the goats are feral and invasive like our expanding feral hog populations.
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    USA: Mountain Grizzly Hunt That Turned Into A Moose Hunt

    Congrats, neat hunt! I love moose meat, too.
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    Best Gun Safe to buy?

    Just be sure to buy bigger than you think you need!
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    HUNTING Whitetail Deer

    The “elbow” is a good reference point for the location of the heart, I’ve used it to kill a lot of deer and also in taking direct cardiac puncture blood samples.
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    Recent U.S. Customs Experiences - Particularly at Dulles

    I took shotguns to SA in 2012, coming back through Dulles was a little bit of a challenge. Having retired from federal service and not giving a crap about the inefficient process of government, on orders by the man, I followed a Customs agent into a very secured area of the airport terminal...
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    Hunting Whitetails with dogs in the South?

    Ruark’s “The Old Man and the Boy” has a chapter on hound hunting white tails and the boy making his first deer kill. It’s an old southern tradition that is still in practice in coastal Georgia. Down this way there is very limited public hunting and private lands are leased to hunting clubs...