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    Non Exportable Elephant Hunt 2020 Cancellation Deal

    This was a deal. Great outfit and a great memory to be had. I would have hired a cameraman and had a hell of a hunt. Next go round ill be on it faster.
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    Tuskless Elephant Hunt - What to ship home?

    A DVD of the hunt you can share with family and friends! Hire a cameraman and have then edit a video for you. Worth its weight in gold.
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    Taxidermy Lion

    Hey Fred, which of "the most dangerous killers." have you personally hunted?
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    I do love Cracker Barrel - CAustin

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    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    Finally! Someone got my joke!!
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    Hunting arrows

    And to answer your question, i'm a Gold Tip arrow gal. Shot them for years and love them.
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    Hunting arrows

    The whole system is important as said by Skinner above. Arrow length, draw weight and point weight. Arrow spine is one of the most important parts of great arrow flight and many people ignore it, then wonder why they cant get great accuracy. I am here to help anytime.
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    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    Hutch, I dont know either, i just dont find them appealing to the eye. You sound like the type of guy who is very fond of goats. Im not sure you are aware but there are several subspecies so not all have a true ribbon style horn as you say. My dislike of them has nothing to do with grouchy, if...
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    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    Agreed. I hunted Red Stag and Mouflon last year with Acornland hunts. I booked the Gredos Ibex hunt shortly after my return home.
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    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    Stinky goat :whistle:
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    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    I am going after Gredos in January. I guess i'm not really explaining my question/statement. Lots of people seem to see Markhor as the "holy grail" of hunting. To me, there are a lot prettier animals and prettier places to hunt (like BC for your goat hunt). To each his own, i just don't...
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    Anyone recommend an outfitter that catered to bowhunters only

    BlackBeard Safaris Botswana
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    Markhor....what's the big deal?

    I will start off by saying I enjoy all hunting and would never criticize or otherwise be negative about someone's choice in hunting. That being said, I don't get why hunting Markhor is so cool? The animal itself looks like a stinky goat to me (you know they have to smell awful), the...
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    Have any of you guys seen or hunted with Air bows before?

    Not a bow at all. Not interesting at all to me. Crossbows are bad enough, this new contraption is even worse.