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    Heym Martini Express 404 Jeffrey in route!

    I have one in 375H&H, by far my favourite rifle :) Congratulations, you will not be disappointed!
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    My work here is done.....

    Great stuff Marius :) Where was the elephant hunted? APNR?
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    Wilbur Smith

    Nice :) Seems like you got some good advice. He`s for sure an avid hunter and have been for many years. He speaks very good for hunting in his memoirs. Now he actually fishes in Norway every year:)
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    Wilbur Smith

    Personally? If so, you lucky guy ;) Mr Smith introduced me to Africa and a passion that still lives with me to this day! Even have an "adopted" South African family that I visit. It was one of those visits I eventually became a hunter. So I have many things to thank him for :) I actually got a...
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    Wilbur Smith

    I always wanted to hunt with mr Sharp for the same reason!
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    Wilbur Smith

    He was the guy who sent me to Africa. My fascination was intense when I read those first books when I was 12-13 years old. That gave me my first bucket list item. Go to Africa. I went when I was 20. Now have a second family in Port Elizabeth and had my first rifle hunt there when I was 32 years...
  7. Blesbok Spitbraai

    Blesbok Spitbraai

  8. Warthog Spitbraai

    Warthog Spitbraai

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    NOW We Are Going To BRAAI....!

    Blesbok and warthog I hunted in South Africa. We had a spit braai with family and friends. It`s my favourite type of braai and always gets people together around the fire :) The warthog is hands down one of the best meals of my life :)
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    TV star hunts livestock

    That seems to have happened. He hunted reindeer in Sweden, they only have domesticated reindeer. Maybe that hunt was oversold to him by the swdews that arranged it. sounds very exotic to hunt Lappland with the Sami people. don`t believe he hunted tame animals with that intent. hope not. Edit: I...
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    TV star hunts livestock

    Lets just advise mr Shockey to come to Norway to hunt the next time if he wants a wild reindeer. My favorite kind of hunt :) I like his show and believe he`s a good figure for the hunting community.