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    Hunting in Angola

    Wecome to our community Corto Maltese. For information on Angola, there is a great thread here on Angola, click here.
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    Another New Member

    Welcome to the "club" NM Hunter! We are all addicts here, so we know the "can't get there soon enough" feeling, but I have to say that hanging out here with like minded hunters helps calm the beast.
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    Meet Up with Jerome at SCI

    Jerome, I will call you! Definitely looking forward to seeing you and you wife again, she's awesome!! Maybe we can hang out again at the Rum Bouillons like last year... that place is a little crazy for a single girl without a chaperon or two or seven!!! :scared:
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    New Member from North Carolina

    frigatecdr, welcome to AH! You have found a great resource for planning your first hunting safari. I will be heading off on my "first" safari in a few months and have learned a ton here! Have been to Africa before as teenager with my father so I think it's great that you'll be going with your...
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    New to this forum

    Welcome ECHIV that sounds so exciting! Good Luck on your trip I hope everything works out for you and your family. I imagine that Tanzania is the ultimate African country for an avid huinter, what an awesome opportunity!
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    Mark Sullivan kicked out of SCI

    Not my cup of tea, so he will not be missed by me. Watched part of one of his videos a while back and could not stand to even finish it! Too much ego and shmarm... ew! And I won't even start on the actual hunting or whatever that was called.
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    Leopard hunting

    Thanks BillQuimby, that's a great suggestion for just about any species I suppose, but then you still should look into and research the outfitter too. I have heard too many tales of once great outfitters that have fallen from glory... especially in Zim sadly.
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    Welcome DustyVarmint! Great moniker BTW. I too love the Bongo, I mean seriously even their name is cool! I think I read here someone refer to their stripes like white icing, now I always think about that when I see a picture of them. I just think they are the most beautiful of all of the African...
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    Wrong Animal!! Now what?

    Do you notice how neither of the guys on the receiving end of the bigger Kudu and Bongo trophies aren't saying anything and are not complaining about the mix up! I wonder if they noticed that their trophies are significantly larger than before? What would you guys do if the tables were turned?
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    Giant Forest Hog Hunt in C.A.R.

    Christophe, Wow, wow, wow that's all I can say! Your hunts just look so exceptional and exotic, your posts really make the idea of hunting in Central Africa seem less intimidating. What an extremely awesome post and pictures, I especially love how Peter Flack has brought to life your French...
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    Hunting Shows 2010 - What booth will you be at?

    Will be at the SCI this year, have never attended the Dallas Show but I may try next year, time permitting. Look forward to seeing you Jerome, it's always a pleasure to talk to you about my upcoming safari in Namibia.
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    Hunting Tanzania... Kilombero Kronicles 6; Enjoying the Hunt

    Shallom, I have not been on the site much as of late (life got busy), however whenever I get the chance to pop in I am always glad to read your posts! There is something about the way you write that really draws me into the surroundings. This series you have been posting lately has me...
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    Some Thoughts About Trophy Hunting & Hunting Trophies

    Wow, this is such an excellent thread! Wish I had more time to comment but have already indulged in AH for too long today. Cleathorn, I completely agree with you, part of what I love about this site is that there are real discussions here, intelligent people who share their opinions and who can...
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    Who has booked for 2010?

    Enysse, ditto that on the favorite new website for about a year now and it just keeps getting better... great people and discussions! Anyway, I'll be heading to Namibia in May 2010!!! Can't wait, seems like it is taking forever to get here, but alas, 2010 is almost upon us. I have a serious...