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    riflepermits - Quick & Easy Arrival With Your Firearm In South Africa

    I will 100% be using Henry for my first trip over next summer. Roy
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    Ruger THREE SEVEN FIVE- Grey Laminate/Stainless 20"

    I’m putting a leupy 2.5-8x36 on mine. Seems to be perfect for it. roy
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    Gun Room/Safe Clean Out

    #4 Mags pulled.
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    Gun Room/Safe Clean Out

    I do not. Sorry
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    Gun Room/Safe Clean Out

    1,2,8, 9b,9d. Sold
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    Gun Room/Safe Clean Out

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    Gun Room/Safe Clean Out

    Trying to get Imgur to upload pics and not having much luck so if interested or want something PM me and I’ll send pics. All items are + shipping. PayPal, USPS money order, Bank check or personal check if ur a regular member. First I’ll take it followed by a PM wins. Multiple items reduce...
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    Upgraded CZ at Factory CZ Price

    U know it’s times like these I’m so glad I’m a lefty. Roy
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    Upgraded CZ at Factory CZ Price

    With the leupy 1.5x5 that’s a steal!
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    Remington 700 375 H&H For Sale

    If this was a lefty it would be heading my way! Great rig! If u decide to split id be interested in the scope for my lefty Sako 375. Roy
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    For Sale Frederick Beesley Left-hand 416 Rigby With Scope

    I am a lefty and just WOW! Just not in my wheelhouse with 4 teenagers at home. One day, one day!!! Roy
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    Norma Brass At Clark Armory

    I bought some myself but I’m hoping for a Lefty 300H&H. Not sure the odds are in my favor! Roy
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    WIN a FREE Trophy Customs Clearance from TROPHY SHIPPERS for 2021 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    August 2022 Eastern Cape Kudu Gemsbuck Nyala Zebra Blue wildebeest Zebra Impala
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape With KMG Hunting Safaris Late May 2021

    Love itMy first safari is next year and this just makes the wait both unbearable and every more exciting. Roy