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    Pay It Forward-Free

    I could use the Silencerco Trifecta 7.62 flash hider if still available?
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    I have a cz550 416 rigby that I'm working on. Could use that replacement stock if it's still available. I'm assuming it should match. I will PM you shortly. Thanks Bonk. I also have some 45/70 bullets I can throw in as I do not reload and somehow picked them up along the way. Don't remember...
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    A Little Bit Of Everything

    Pm sent
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    Would you like a Cigar?

    I have had the same thing happened to me with the last two cigars that I got from a buddy of mine. Not bad overall. Flavor was OK.
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    I'll take the rest. Would have loved the predator series. All good. Thanks again.
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    Guide Gun range report

    Tack driver. I have one in 300 win mag. Vx-6hd 2-12x42 warne QD. Cloverleaf sighted in 200 yards Half inch group. Was thinking about getting one in 416
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    For Sale Skinning Knives Group Buy

    Got mine yesterday. Fits like glove. Can't wait to use it; hopefully this week on deer.
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    For Sale Skinning Knives Group Buy

    They are all unique but the same. Bottom two are nice. Show some contrast unless it's the lighting.
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    Woody the Wood Duck

    Beautiful. They're usually gone by the time duck season opens in my area of Michigan at least where we hunt depending on weather. Last year had them around for couple of weeks into it. We hunt this nice pond that always has a few pair in it; even as we speak. We got close last year but they...
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    .470 NE versus .500 NE Felt recoil

    470 NE In saying that, being in Michigan, access is limited and I have never fired a 500NE. I can tell you this though, I have a Krieghoff. It fits me well. Comes to the shoulder easily. Heavy and solid and it has the BreaKO recoil reducer. It maybe in the 11-12 lbs range but I have never...
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    CZ 550 In 375 H&H With Aramid Stock For Sale

    Still available [emoji848]
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    CZ 550 In 375 H&H With Aramid Stock For Sale

    Still for sale.