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    10 Day Elephant Bull Hunt With Dave Freeburn Safaris

    Hi Dave You say that we can shoot any size. Are there any bigger than 30 lbs in the reserve ? Also, can we hunt other game in the reserve ? Like to include a Crocodile to the hunt.
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    WANTED: Hunting In Germany

    Planning to go to Germany in October. Looking for a good outfitter to go with. Free range game is preferred. Thanks Rocco
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    14 Day Leopard Hunt In Namibia 2019

    Hi Is the Leopard Hunt still available ? Thanks
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    Wild Lion Hunt

    Hi Was the Lion born in the reserve and how many Lions live in the reserve ? How old is the Lion ? Thanks
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    Crocodile Hunt Package South Africa

    Hi Is the hunt still available for April/2019 ? Thanks
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    Kalahari Lion Hunt 2019

    Hi How many months are the Lions in the 17685 acres concession? Also, how many Lions are in the concession at the same time ? Thanks
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    Is it taboo to hunt White Lion

    I'm going to South Africa to hunt White Lion. I would like to know if anybody hunted the White Lion and like to know from the African people if it's taboo or good luck to hunt the White Lion compared to the normal Yellow Lion.
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    Hi Martin What's your success of getting a male Lion in your area ? Also, when is it the best time of the year to hunt them ?
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    Hi Wayne I would like to know if you still have an open date in the middle of April 2012? Thanks Rocco
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    Bowhunting ELEPHANT Best Setup

    Dr. Frank With the questions that you have been asking in this forum, It seems that you don't have much bowhunting field experince. I suggest you bring a rifle as your back up weapon. I don't think an arrow weighing 1000 grs compared to an 1100 grs will make a huge difference in final...
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    Bowhunting ELEPHANT Best Setup

    I would like to know " Dr " what does that stand for ? Are you a medical doctor ?
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    Package hunt vs. Day rate + trophy fees, which do you prefer?

    I agree but how does the client protects himself from bad outfitters that promise him the world and gives references of the PH's best friends.
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    Package hunt vs. Day rate + trophy fees, which do you prefer?

    My 3 Cents My 3 cents is you should work only on trophy fee. By that I mean, you tell your PH that you expect to harvest only trophy animals. Both you and the PH should determine what is the size of each trophy that you are looking for. Come to a agreement on size and price. You might have...
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    Game Farm in South Africa for Sale Wanted

    more information I would like some more information about your reserve for sale. I might be willing to become a partner.