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  1. Giraffe Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

    Giraffe Shoulder Mount Taxidermy

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    What to do with a giraffe

    We hunted giraffe back in 2018. Great hunt. Report: 2018 Hunt Report Taxidermy (fits in a room with 9 ft ceilings):
  3. Bow Hunt White-tailed Deer in USA

    Bow Hunt White-tailed Deer in USA

  4. White-tailed Deer Bow Hunting USA

    White-tailed Deer Bow Hunting USA

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    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    Got my first ever deer with a bow this year. Came charging in, chasing a doe, and stopped right under my stand, then ran off a bit and I got him with a 30 yard shot.
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    Dead Mule recoil reducer

    You might want to consider an evo pad shoulder pad. Rather than a rubber or foam shoulder insert, it's hard plastic molded to your shoulder. The plastic distributes the recoil over a much great space. I found it highly effective at making the recoil on my 470 manageable. Now its actually fun to...
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    TANZANIA: Bullet Safaris Hunt Report Sep 2020

    Congrats! What a haul!
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    USA: The Goat Hunt Covid-19 Couldn’t Stop

    Congrats! Way to overcome adversity- certainly will make this once in a lifetime hunt even more memorable!
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    ZAMBIA: Lion Safari With Strang Middleton

    Congrats on some amazing trophies! Way to not let covid hold you back!
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    For Sale Frederick Beesley Left-hand 416 Rigby With Scope

    Super nice gun! If I didn't have hunts planned for next year...
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    Videographers - your thoughts

    Henk filmed our first safari and his brother Riaan was our PH. Great hunt and great video. I think it was worth the expense. Heno served as another set of eyes looking for animals and was great fun to hang out with.
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    Tanzania & The Hunting Monks

    Fascinating story! Thank you for sharing