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    AUSTRALIA: Feral Cull Hunt In The Northern Territory

    Well done Laurie, great pics, great report. Good on you and your mate cleaning up a heap of ferals. Numbers are on the rise in certain areas and as you mentioned, even with areal culling, difficult to keep in line. There appears to be an "early" Wet this year, meaning better conditions and...
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    Remington Core Lokt?

    As above, i too am using factory Remington loads for my '06 with the 220gn Corelokt on large framed Sambar deer. Most shots result in full penetrations with very large exits and great, unneccesary, blood trails. Also, i recently purchased several boxes of 225gn Corelokts for reloading my .338...
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    Buffalo Hunting in Australia

    All good Badboy. Got to get some cobwebs out of my system this next couple of weeks. Going for a quick look up the hills this week-end, with a mate to see if we can knock over a meat model. Then we'll make a plan to catch-up. Cheers. P.T.
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    Buffalo Hunting in Australia

    Foxi; i retired from professional hunting back in 2014 and shut the business down. This is an old article that i wrote whilst i was still engaged. Very much appreciate all the positive comments, this is still a subject close to me heart that evokes fond memories whenever it is relived. Thank...
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    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2021

    I have some extremely fond memories of attending Dallas, the hospitality and the People. Simply Fantastic. Dinners at Pappasitos, drinks at bars, Texas and Texans are both first class. Kinda like transplanted Australians, only better. I'll be thinking of you guy's, have a great show.
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    Buffalo Hunting in Australia

    I can't believe that 10 years have passed since i penned this article. Back when i had hair on my head and spring in my step.
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    Is Zimbabwe Open for Business? Yes

    Great info and write-up. Boots on ground, as it is NOW, important and objective. Hopefully this news sways some to go and support our great Zimbo friends.
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    Committed to purchase Ruger African in 6.5x55

    Very nice rifle complemented by a classic cartridge. Well done, great purchase. Keep this one in the family, pass it down to the kids.
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    7lb 5oz Titanium Satterlee 375 H&H

    Stunning level of quality builds Stuart. The very first English express styled .375 is, in my eyes, the perfect combination of function, practicality and usability. I wish these were around 15 years or more ago when i was professionally guiding buffalo hunts in the Tropics. Long distance, foot...
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    Best scopes out there with German #4 reticle

    I recently purchased a GPO (German Precision Optics) V6 1-6 illuminated with the German 4 reticle and am very impressed overall. Brilliant optics, well manufactured, clear and bright. It's a 30mm steel tube, so as light as say a 25mm tube alloy scope, if weight is critical.
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    "New" Toy - Off Chassis Restoration - 1969 Toyoda Land Cruiser

    Nice ride Redleg, but i must advice against wesheltonj's suggestion. NEVER, i repeat, never buy a worn wench !
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    Well thanks to all the enablers here... LOL

    Please don't wear your socks and sandals when you go down the range to shoot this one Ses !!!!
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    DSC and SCI Shows 2021 - What are your feelings in the current environment?

    Looks like there may be some dissapointing news on the way for those hoping to attend SCI.
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    Well thanks to all the enablers here... LOL

    Oh my Ses, that's quality. Beautiful. What does it weigh ? That deserves a premium quality scope then book a prime location in Saskatchewan for a massive Northern White-tail. You've gotta crack a little smile when shooting this one, surely. Well done, mighty fine rifle.
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    Boar Hunting Australia