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    Zimbabwe Trophy Buffalo Bull Hunt No Hassle & All Inclusive US$8,750

    Please add me to your email list. Thanks!
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    Elephant Howdah

    Just for the record, a Howdah pistol is indeed basically a sawed-off shotgun pistol. Its primary purpose was to protect the riders on/in the elephant howdah (the platform or basket). The pistol is named after the platform. Kind regards,
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    45-70 Performance

    Cool! I've been considering taking my guide gun on my next safari. Did you take any other ammo for plains game??
  4. Blue Wildebeest Hunt Namibia

    Blue Wildebeest Hunt Namibia

    This Blue Wildebeest was my first African kill. She was for the pot but as far I was concerned, my first trophy ;-)
  5. Namibia Hunting Eland

    Namibia Hunting Eland

    Big dude and the best eating steak I have ever eaten in my entire life.
  6. Hunt Steenbok in Namibia

    Hunt Steenbok in Namibia

    Little feller!
  7. Kudu Hunting Namibia

    Kudu Hunting Namibia

  8. Namibia Hunt Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

    Namibia Hunt Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

    Mr. Stripes
  9. Hunting Warthog in Namibia

    Hunting Warthog in Namibia

    Old Warty
  10. Gemsbok Hunt Namibia

    Gemsbok Hunt Namibia

    This is my favourite pic. I use it on my personal cards.
  11. Namibia Hunting Ostrich

    Namibia Hunting Ostrich

    Singing with Mr. O
  12. Hunt Springbok in Namibia

    Hunt Springbok in Namibia

    One of the many Springbok
  13. Namibia Tented Camp

    Namibia Tented Camp

  14. Racing Tuareg Rallye Erg Chebbi in Morocco

    Racing Tuareg Rallye Erg Chebbi in Morocco

    And just in case you thought there wasn't much to do in Africa besides hunt, this is Erg Chebbi in Morocco and we are racing in the Tuareg Rallye. The big girl is Aretha. She's big, black and can really sing ;-) Navigator in the right seat is my safari partner in crime, Andy.
  15. The gang around the bush tv

    The gang around the bush tv

    Hunting in Namibia