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    416 Rigby Sell Me On It

    Have not gone to Africa yet. Once my financial situation clears up, I should be able to go, but that could still be a few years away. Otherwise the 416 Rigby is ready to go with some 410 gr Woodleigh softs and solids. Also picked up some Norma Barnes 400 gr brass solids from an estate sale for...
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    Canada moose hunt recommendations

    If there is a possibility of a reschedule for the next year at the same or reduced price, take it!!!!
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    Will Quebec Open Caribou Hunting Again?
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    .45 ACP recommendations

    Been reading this for a minute. You say you are a shotgun and rifle guy. How accurately do you shoot those weapons? Do you shoot them better because they fit you? If they do, then pistols are the same. What is comfortable in your hand and proper grip, should shoot best for you. You also...
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    Need a new Bullet

    I've always loaded up Woodleigh PPs, RNs, SNs, and solids. Have not tried the CPs yet.
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    6.5x55mm for Plains Game?

    Good day Johan! Please send me what OAL that you are expecting to use with the Norma Oryx via private message and hopefully I will be able to transfer some data to you.
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    6.5x55mm for Plains Game?

    Interesting, maybe some of the laws are beginning to change. However, I am looking to hunt Namibia, Zimbabwe, and/or Tanzania. Last time I looked, minimum calibers in those countries were 7mm for plains game. Good hunting on the PGs. My heavy load for the 6.5x55 SE is a 160 gr Woodleigh PPRN...
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    6.5x55mm for Plains Game?

    Love my Tikka T3 SS Lite in 6.5x55 SE. I reload all of my own ammunition for it using VihtaVuori N550 and VihtaVuori N560 as powders; bullets ranging from 85 gr to 160 gr from Sierra, Hornady, and Woodleigh. Everything that I load for that rifle shoots at least MOA using a 3-9x40mm Nikon...
  9. .405 Winchester Rifle Model 1895 Deluxe TD made in 1910

    .405 Winchester Rifle Model 1895 Deluxe TD made in 1910

  10. Accurate Molds

    Accurate Molds

    I no longer use the Hawk bullets. I went to Accurate Molds and had a mold made for a plain base boolit:
  11. Ruger #1 in .405 Winchester Rifle

    Ruger #1 in .405 Winchester Rifle

  12. CZ550 American Safari Rifle in .416 Rigby

    CZ550 American Safari Rifle in .416 Rigby

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    Primers for 404 Jeffery

    Just because the powder column is so big, anything with a capacity of more than 80 grains should use a magnum rifle primer. I use them in my .416 Rigby along with a very slow burning magnum powder (Vihtavuori Oy N165). Good luck and stay safe!!!!!
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    CZ550 416 Rigby Laminated Stock

    $895!?!?!??!?! Jealous here! I had to pay $850 shipped for a used one and then another $180 for a decent stock!!! Don't wait, GO BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!