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    WIN a FREE Trophy Customs Clearance from TROPHY SHIPPERS for 2021 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    Month/Year: April 2022 - Country where hunt took or will take place: South Africa - Species harvested or intended to be harvested: Kudu Nyala Gemsbok Blesbuck Impala Springbok Red Hartebeest
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    Got Lucky...

    Excellent advice. I only shoot factory ammunition.
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    Average plains game Safari cost - total

    Great question. Here is my calculation in US dollars: Package hunt 6000 Taxidermy 1550 - 4411 plan on 2500 Shipping. 1500 - 2000 plan on 2000 Tip: 1000 Airfare: 1500 Total: 13,000 Visit Nick Bowker’s...
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    Kudu & Nyala Hunting Package 7 Trophies From US$5,500 All Inclusive 8 Days Hunting

    Yes, I will be coming on my own. Your website has tons of great info, I think I want to book the Kudu wildebeest package with one animal change. I will e-mail you to get specifics of my safari.
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    Kudu & Nyala Hunting Package 7 Trophies From US$5,500 All Inclusive 8 Days Hunting

    I am healthy and 51 years old so I am in one of the last groups in Wisconsin to get the COVID vaccination. Rollout is slow, I am likely going to get the shots early this summer. My number 1 goal is a nice kudu, do you have openings during the kudu rut (maybe April 2022 or 2023)?
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    Kudu & Nyala Hunting Package 7 Trophies From US$5,500 All Inclusive 8 Days Hunting

    Fantastic looking animals and a great deal. If COVID was done...I’d love to hunt with you.
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    338 win mag drunk impulse purchase

    I had an accutrigger and the slightest bump of the stock of the gun and the darn thing locked up, pull the trigger as hard as you bang! To clear, you need to cycle the bolt. I sold the gun.
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    Looking for feedback from Africa hunters with experience using 6.5mm cartridges

    I have no doubt a well placed shot from a 6.5 CM will kill. I personally have killed 3 whitetail deer with 1 shot each. I used quality ammo from Hornady (superformance 129 gn SST and precision hunter 143 gn ELD-X). The one problem I encountered was: no pass through, no blood trail on 2 of the 3...
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    Carry on luggage only

    I will try a dry run pack it all in the carry on when COVID is over and I am closer to travel I am making my packing list...awesome advice I am getting here. I may need to forgo the knife. Is a knife an essential tool? Perhaps the PH will have one, or take me to a local source to buy one.
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    Carry on luggage only

    My second Safari may include travel with rifle, after I experience my simplified lower stress 1st Safari.
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    Carry on luggage only

    I am thinking Eastern Cape, during the kudu rut (month of April or May). Electrical adapter is for the cell phone charger. I never ware shorts (no one wants to see my chicken legs). I would prefer comfortable pants for some protection from thorns, the sun, and bugs. I love the feedback so far...
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    Carry on luggage only

    Has anyone attempted an African hunting Safari with only a carry on piece of luggage? I am thinking I may want to attempt this. Am I crazy? Any advice would be appreciated. I would use my PH’s gun and travel light knowing laundry would be done daily. Clothes would be placed in space bags and all...
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Thank you all for the kind words, this is a great forum. I have read a ton of great information on AH, much of which I could find nowhere else. I am thinking South Africa targeting plains game will be my 1st Safari, with the primary target being a Kudu. I think I will leave my 6.5 Creedmoor home...
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hello to everyone. I'm new to the group. Just wanted to start off and say thankyou for allowing me to become a member and hope I can learn from here and gather up info for a future Safari. I'm 50 years old and I have been hunting for over 35 years. My favorite round is the 6.5 Creedmoor. I have...