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    Walk across Africa

    Oops, I forgot floppy, Courtney's, cipri & malarone (treatment only)
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    Walk across Africa

    Without a doubt, my pre war Rigby .416, woodleigh 400 grain hydro, knife, joos bag, ash bag, batonka ax
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    Anyone have experience with a Sabatti BIG 5 EDL

    I only personally know one person here in Zim. that owns a rimless double (.416R). I do not remember the make. As if now he has not had a problem, but so many people have told him it is just a matter of time that he has that nagging doubt planted in his mind. Personally I would not use one as...
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    450/400 NE and Chamber Length

    I had a George Gibbs .450 -400 for years agree with find out bore size and buy or wedge accordingly. I loading according to the 1.19 formula for Reloader 15 Federal .215 mag rifle primer, no fil. Mine was originally loaded 60 grain cordite as all that I have ever seen were so marked. Wonderful...
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    Rifle Lessons Learned from the Zimbabwe Professional Hunter Proficiency Exam

    One thing that I believe has been overlooked in the current proficiency test. Is no one uses a double rifle. Since the test is heavily weighted towards running and reloading. It would be very difficult to pass with a dbl. If caliber is .40 it is 10 additional pts.
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    Synthetic Stocks

    I would contact Wayne at American Hunting rifles specializes in CZs. Builds a nice synthetic stock. Fair price on time delivery
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    Pistol grip reservoir?

    Many many years ago I bought a pristine George Gibbs boxlock with pistol grip reservoir. It had two strikers & one front site wrapped in a wax paper. I doubt that they had ever been removed. I have had three George Gibbs, by coincidence within 20 serial number of each other all had the same cap...
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    My African Knives

    Out of curiosity how many hours does it take to complete the average knife & sheath?
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    Model 94 6.5 ×55 Swedish Mauser For Sale

    This military mauser is in a wooden box bearing serial#s of carbine all numbers match including bayonet. Appears as issued, like new. Will be available for purchase in the US late June
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    Courteney Safari boots

    We rest our case!
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    Courteney Safari boots

    If it works don't change! How much do you think those Russels have cost you per kilometer?
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    Courteney Safari boots

    As a Zimbabwe PH I have this to say about Courtney boots. They are the only boots I own or would wear. I do wear store bought quality insoles. Not the boots fault but mine. If you plan on insoles maybe go 1/2 size larger. Note: If the toe of your sole separates from the the boot YOU ARE SITTING...
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    375H&H Mag 300gr Nosler Partition...surpassed?

    As a Safari Company, if a client wishes to use one of our rifles it will be a CZ 550 .375 H&H 300 grn. Woodleigh Hydro.
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    Which rifle would you use

    But I prefer 2 barrels!
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    Rogue Light Desert boots

    Courtney make several model and many different skins plus 2 different soles. The type of sole you are looking at our fine if the ground of grass is dry. My boot of choice is the Courtney safari standard waffle sole.