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    NAMIBIA: Omalanga Safaris

    Thanks stretch and passing by. I thought we would go back sooner than later but after the taxidermy bill we may have to put it off a couple of more years
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    NAMIBIA: Omalanga Safaris

    It was amazing to see ourselves in the catalog. They never told us we were even in there. I am going to have to get some more of the catalogs so I can have them for keepsakes.
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    NAMIBIA: Omalanga Safaris

    Right now the trip is still just a haze in my mind. We hope to go back as well but had to make the concession that we would take our 3 kids to Europe to visit friends in 2014. Hopefully we go in then I should have all my trophies on the wall whispering in my ear to go back and shoot...
  4. Double Rifle

    Double Rifle

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    NAMIBIA: Omalanga Safaris

    So I got them into my personal gallery. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I had shooting!
  6. Impala


  7. Zebra


  8. Red Hartebeest

    Red Hartebeest

  9. Red Hartebeest

    Red Hartebeest

  10. Kudu


  11. Springbok


  12. Gemsbok


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    NAMIBIA: Omalanga Safaris

    Crap...will try again
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    NAMIBIA: Omalanga Safaris

    lets see. Can you guys see the pic?