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    In memoriam - A great Hunter, husband, friend, son & person!

    All of your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I was friends with Alex for many years and quite often we went to the range to sight in our hunting rifles together. We worked side by side for a bit also. Unfortunately we never hunted together. His trophy room is quite full along with a...
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    In memoriam - A great Hunter, husband, friend, son & person!

    As you can all see he spent some time holding his CZ 550, .416 Rigby in Africa. The Cape Buffalo was his dream hunt. As long as I have known him he spoke about getting a Cape Buffalo and it happened in the fall of 2018. Alex never saw his Trophies and I am working with Kevin Cooper from...
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    In memoriam - A great Hunter, husband, friend, son & person!

    I would like to post these pictures of my friend Alexander Danil. I am using his AfricaHunting account to memorialize some of his hunts which I have pictures of. Alex passed away in April and left a legacy of hunting and fishing behind. We will miss him! Alexander Danil Warthog by mbabala...
  4. Alexander Danil 2018 Cape Buffalo

    Alexander Danil 2018 Cape Buffalo

  5. Alexander Danil Warthog

    Alexander Danil Warthog

  6. Alexander Danil Lioness

    Alexander Danil Lioness

  7. Alexander Danil Wildebeest

    Alexander Danil Wildebeest

  8. Alexander Danil Kudu 2005

    Alexander Danil Kudu 2005

  9. Alexander Danil Impala 2005

    Alexander Danil Impala 2005

  10. Alexander Danil Blesbok

    Alexander Danil Blesbok

  11. Alexander Danil Zebra

    Alexander Danil Zebra

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    Sable Hunt Special With Henry Griffiths Safaris

    Hello Mr Griffiths I will be hunting in S Africa next month for cape buffalo in the Pafuri game preserve. I would be interested in hunting for sable with you if your deal is still available . Please let me know if that deal is still available at 50000 rands and what size trophy i should expect...
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    WIN a FREE Hunt, Taxidermy & Sightseeing Week in Romania with a Guest for 2019

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