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    458 Lott with 3031 and RL15

    Have loaded the 458 Lott for about 25 years. Found that Imr 4320 was the only powder that gave me fpm that I wanted. As IMR 4320 is no more went on a hunt to find a replacement. In talking with the Ramshot people I-tried Tac. Gave me the vel I wanted with Swift A Frames and TB Sledge Hammers.No...
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    Pushing through myths and misconceptions: The Push Feed Action

    If the extractor is your only concern then convert to a Sako or better yet an m14/4 claw type. Have done so on many from 300 Wby to 458 Lott.Started converting more then 50 years ago and all conversions still fault free. Simple conversion.
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    Dead Mule recoil reducer

    Yes, have one in a x458 Lott. Made a difference.
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    Reloader 19

    Been using Reloder 19 for many years in a 340 Wby mag behind Nosler 225 and250 Part. Has always been consistent off the bench and from Africa to Alaska.
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    Experience with Magna port on their rifles?

    Have rifles mag Na ported. The first was around 1990. A 340 mag. Ported it because of excessive muzzle raise. Since then have had a300 Wby, 2- 458 Lott’s— a 416 Rem and a 416 Rigby. Never chrony,d any before porting but have chrony,d all in load development. Not science but vel about where book...
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    Lee Factory Crimp Die

    The Lee will fit a RCBS Rockchucker if you remove the adapter bushing on the tool. Not an issue other having a wrench to fit. The Lee die works great. No loss of 416 Rigby cases with this die ie pushing the shoulders back doing the crimping.
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    My African Knives

    Still have mine from my time in Korea 1950/51. The Ka -Bars were popular in WW2 also.
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    Got the CZ blues

    I would start by trying to find 3or4 loaded Lott cartridges and load them in the mag they won’t chamber all the way but should show you if feed improves. My second step would be to purchase a new follower spring and install that. Third find a gunsmith.
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    New to me BRNO

    Great find
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    Laminate Stocks on Dangerous Game Rifles

    McMillian are good but very long lead times
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    Back country carry gun

    Well Dad as I am 89 being called son is a compliment and making the assumptions you did does not speak to credibility. I will now call you Junior.
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    Back country carry gun

    Thank you Dad for handgun info. Like you I have had some bear expierences, most of them on Kodiak. My brother and I for a number of years did a DIY float trip fishing for steelhead and hunting blacktail. The trips were 3 weeks in duration. We always had deer meat which we hung in the...
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    Back country carry gun

    Write ups hypothesis on 44or 45 or 454. But can anyone come up with actual info in print where a handgun of any caliber stopped the bear attack? Appears to me when you compare energy levels to rifles thr handgun is lacking any serious stopping power..People carrying a rifle get mauled and some...
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    Any tips for using iron sights with failing eyesight?

    Sorry for my abbreviation, my old mind does not think that way.But won’t make that error again! Thanks for correction.