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  1. Uninvited guest

    Uninvited guest

    I was fishing for sockeye salmon on the Kenai River when this nursing sow black bear approached me.
  2. Bead fishing for rainbow trout

    Bead fishing for rainbow trout

    Not huge like rainbows from the Kenai River or other large Alaska rivers but a large fish for a relatively small clear water stream.
  3. Sow brown bear - McNeil River, Alaska

    Sow brown bear - McNeil River, Alaska

    Hunting brown bears with a camera
  4. longtimealaskan

    Hello from Alaska

    Thank all of you for your warm welcome. I've looked at some of the videos and other photos. I particularly liked the photo of the cougar sleeping in the tree, something I'm not likely to see here in Alaska. Not only would it be a bit to chilly but the mosquitoes would be having a picnic.
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    Hello from Alaska

    Your slogan has always been one of my favorites.
  6. longtimealaskan

    Hello from Alaska

    I accidentally found this site and decided to join since it looks like an interesting site. I've lived in Alaska for almost 45 years. I came here in early 1974 and did environmental studies during the construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline. I've hunted moose, caribou, Dall sheep, mountain...