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    375 H&H Ruger #1

    Could you email me some more pictures please [redacted] I’m very interested
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    Greetings from North Carolina

    Hello, My name is Logan I am an active duty service member at Ft. Bragg looking to learn more about Africa and determine where and what I would like to hunt there. I don’t have a ton of free time to go whenever I please so im doing my due diligence and learning as much as possible here before...
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    450 & 500 NE Kynoch Ammo For Sale

    Do you still have any of the 450NE available?
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    Wanted 450 NE 3-1/4 Ammo Preferably 480gr

    Gents, I’m hoping someone here has some extra 450NE 3-1/4 or 450BPE ammo they’re looking to sell (kynoch, hornady, etc). I’m partial to 480gr ammo but beggars can’t be choosers so just let me know what you have! Thanks!