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    Now Here Is A Hunting Deal You Cannot Refuse

    Beautiful pics!!
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    Wish you could all see this one in person

    Amazingly realistic. The veins in the horse look spot on!!! I often wish there had been video footage back then to see how things really were. great post.
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    Sad day in our family

    Very sorry to hear that. prayers for all of you all.
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    Elephant Hunt with Spear Safaris

    Thanks for the response. Loved the video. 75 yds is short enough even I could track it that far (which is saying a lot). great post
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    TANZANIA: Silence In The Selous

    Awesome read. great specimens. maybe someday I’ll get to hunt a Dugga. That’s a helluva an experience.
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    Management Hunt 140 Animals 10 Days

    My shoulder hurts thinking about it. But man that would be fun
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    Lion Hunting with Liam Urry Safaris

    So am I correct, this lion was being tracked during the clip AFTER being shot already? Looks that way to be but you know they say when you assume.
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    Lion Hunting with Liam Urry Safaris

    That cat seemed to mean business and was coming to whip some arse!
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    Elephant Hunt with Spear Safaris

    Was the ele recovered? How far did it make if so.
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    WANTED: Search Hunting Safari Namibia 2020

    Hopefully things have calmed down by then. Not sure what is going to play out between now and then with this pandemic.
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    Botswana Dangerous Game Hunting

    What amazing elephants. hope things get back to normal soon
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    Elephant Bar

    Amazing elephant. amazing room. simply wow. I’m now depressed as I don’t think even winning the lottery would get me there
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    Giraffe floor pedestal with habitat

    How tall is the mount?
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    Botswana stay tough

    Great letter. Amazing how governments 1000s of mikes away try and tell other countries what they should be doing. My grandmother always said cleanoff your own back porch first before telling a neighbor anything about theirs.
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    Comment by 'Lmcquin' in media 'Bryson's Kudu'

    Awesome kudu!!! The grey ghost