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    Thinking of selling my .404

    Without Prejudice. Stalker 91 I notice on your correspondence dated the 5th of February you say you found out the original build price of £12k was given to you by the original owner.. I was the original owner and you never spoke to me, infact we have never had any contact. I would like to inform...
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    Thinking of selling my .404

    Stalker 91. The rifle for sale was built for me by Bob. I was going to Africa but a close family death has made me rethink my plans. The rifle did not cost anywhere close to £12k infact no where near half that amount. I sold it to a well know gunsmith (GM) for 25% of what you are asking as i did...
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    Scope failure

    Hi My20 year old Swarovski 8x30 binos went seriously wrong.The focusing system completely jammed. Sent them back to Swarovski in the UK. In two weeks they had been shipped to Austria, had a full factory refurb job and I had them back by special delivery from Austria. I cannot fault...
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    Hello All

    Just joined and note that there is a lot of good information in here. Looking to make my first hunting trip to Africa after having visited family there several times.