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    Schmidt Bender Summit on CZ 550

    It should fit no problem. Tube is quite long. I love my S&B's but really??? I'm disappointed in mine. Have it on a M70 SG 30-06. It works but acts more like a Leupold than a S&B. You make an adjustment and it has to shoot in-then reticle is stable. Never had this in the 30mm S&B's. Eye relief is...
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    Redding - Hornady die comparison

    I always prefer Redding when I can get them and there was a time when the premium for Redding dies was not as high as they are now. I now prefer to resize (FL) removing the expander then in a separate step run the die again with expander in. Runout is reduced dramatically. Whether it matters for...
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    .404 Jeffery vs .458 Winchester Comparison

    You wouldn't play golf with only 1 club! Hunting is no different. Get both and have fun!!! I did! They both have their pros & cons.
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    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    I did in 2019 and IMHO the only way to go. It was a Cape Buffalo but of course I ended up with a whole bag including Sable, Nyala, Oryx, Waterbuck, Wildebeest & Eland! Actually if Buffalo was not on the list I probably would not have the motivation to go. Only one I missed out on was a Kudu but...
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    Rifle for Plains Game and Dangerous Game

    Drive By Guy I only did my first African Safari in 2019 so don't profess to know much. Like you I did a lot of reading etc. I only wanted to take 1 gun to keep things simple. I ended up taking my custom M70 in 375 H&H. Booked with Marius of Kruger Hunting Safaris and my main target specie was...
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    Best two or three barrel takedown for Africa hunting

    Mauser M03 in 458 Lott & 300 Weatherby only because that's what I've got. Its in runout mode in OZ and those calibres are just not popular so was especially discounted. I've got a soft spot for the 300 Weatherby! 300 Win would make a lot more sense for the international hunter but 300 Wby aint...
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    Is the Model 70 Safari Express a Magnum action?

    One Day thanks for that excellent information. I love my M70's and have several of them. Never knew they ever made one from the factory in a .416 Rigby. Going by the prices must have been a custom shop model.
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    Is the Model 70 Safari Express a Magnum action?

    Not a magnum action but my preferred length & size for the 375 H&H case and its derivatives! Trimmer and not as bulky nor heavy as the true Magnum actions which come into their own on only when using the 416 Rigby case and its various derivatives. Unless you want a 5 shot magazine capacity with...
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    NAMIBIA: Omujeve Hunting Safaris - Caprivi Strip

    Congratulations on a great hunt and fantastic trophies. That sable was unreal! Admire your tenacity and determination to get your hunt done in spite of Covid!!! Good on ya! Regards JohnT