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    SOUTH AFRICA: Back From Spiral Horn Safaris

    Your trophies are very nice!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Shingani - Scam Outfitter

    I would like to hear the specifics of the complaint. I know people here locally who have hunted with Shingani and have give them high marks for hunting and safari experience. Jim
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    24 Hours from leaving on my first African Hunt!!!!

    Have a great trip! Jim
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    SCI Show 2011

    Merry, Rooms do sell out quickly. If there are no rooms available on the hotel websites, call Cabelas. They reserve a block of rooms for their outfitters and may be able to help you out. Jim
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    Cardboard Box Trophy Shipping Issue

    For the crating fee I paid, I was surprised to see anything but wood.
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    Cardboard Box Trophy Shipping Issue

    I had the same problem with trophies shipped from Namibia. The mounts were in a plastic bag, packed in cardboard boxes with shredded newsprint as the padding. The outrageous part to me, were the crating charges- $1300 USD for crating. When I visited the taxidermy shop and asked about crating...
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    What can happen when a rifle blows...

    Bore site pics Hi Thunder head, Sorry about your hand. The two bore sight pics shown on this thread are not bogus. The incident happened at the range I shoot at, about 2 mile from my home. Jim
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    Hunting Leopard with Dogs

    Great pics! Thanks!.
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    Taking the wife along...

    I took my wife to Namibia. She enjoyed the trip. During the hunting part she rode along on the truck and participated on the stalks. We also rented a car and toured around for ten, she really enjoyed that (so did I).
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    Homesick African

    Lesley, Your work is very nice. Jim
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    1st timers animal choice!

    For Namibia, I would say Gemsbok. I will hunt Gemsbok everytime I return to Namibia.
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    Poor Responses from Hunting Outfitters

    milford, Drop me a pm with the type of hunt you are looking for. I can give you some info about several outfitters in Namibia that would treat you right and would love to take you hunting.
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    Namibian PH Charged for Hunting Leopard with Artificial Light

    Will NAPHA release the name of the PH who was charged? This information would be very valuable to prevent other hunters from being wrapped up in any sort legal mess.
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    Problem with new CZ 550 in .416 Rigby

    It is frustrating isnt' it?