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    A Video Of A Royal Bengal Tiger Shikar Using A Bow & Arrow

    Major Khan I can see why you loved it and are sad to see a part of a rich heritage destroyed. A wonderful walk back in time. I enjoy your stories very much. Jim
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    Newbie goes to Africa

    NOW WHAT Departure date is August 8 So I am really struggling here with the decision to go or stay home. This covid 19 is really screwing things up. Tickets are bought and paid for. I am waiting for now to see how things go before canceling. Could get most of my money back on airfare if I...
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    Harrisburg Show Question

    Any day during the week. Get there as soon as they open. Forget Friday after lunch and for sure stay away on the weekends. I live about an hour away and normally go on a Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday
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    .270 conversion to .338-06

    I love my 338-06. 210PT or Swift Aframes really shine in mine. Be prepared to reload though. I use r17 in mine with really good results.
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    Newbie goes to Africa

    Thank for all the helpful tips so far. Keep them coming. I plan to have my son run 500 rounds through his rifle this coming summer before we leave Kowas told us they use the Africa sporting creations sticks so we will get a set to practice with. As to why we booked so far ahead. I have...
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    Reloading data for older 404 Barnes bullets

    I have a Barnes manual number 4 These bullets are not in it. If someone has older manuals that have them in please share what Barnes manual I am looking for. I just want to load these bullets for practice and need some data to be safe. Not really sure where to start.
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    Reloading data for older 404 Barnes bullets

    Anyone know where I can find reloading data?
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    Newbie goes to Africa

    There is no turning back now. Airline tickets booked we choose the Qatar route through Doha to avoid Joberg. Many thanks to TWG travel for the help booking tickets
  9. Barnes 404 Bullets

    Barnes 404 Bullets

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    Comment by 'Jim K' in media 'Left Handed Cooper Model 54 Rifle in 257 Roberts'

    Yea not sure how that got labeled a 257 Roberts That’s my 404