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    Tipping Guide

    Wow Michael Dean... You would be beside your self when you see the items that I am taking this year for a school and a small village. All you have to do is pay extra to ship an extra bag, and that is easy. By paying attention and taking to your PH over the years you pick up some tidbits that...
  2. 28" Inch Nyala Hunt

    28" Inch Nyala Hunt

  3. 29" Inch Nyala Hunt

    29" Inch Nyala Hunt

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    Leopard attack

    Different clip from the one I was thinking I watch of a mountain lion trapped in a cage.
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    Do I need two South African rifle permits?

    I had Gracy Travel do my South Africa permit while going to Zimbabwe. I was able to hold on to the permit until my return. My meet and greet met me coming and going for each leg of the trip.
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    Leopard attack

    That is a Mountain Lion. I have seen the clip and the story...
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    Discounted Special Offers On Fantastic Hunt

    What a great offering. Well below what many are pricing on the internet... Hopefully you will obtain a few booking with this posting.
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    What Rifles Would Be Best In My Situation

    I would suggest you look at 2 bolt action rifles over a double rifle. I am sure that i will miss someones favorite maker however, i am Looking at this to save you a few dollars. Look at Ruger, Winchester, Browning, Remington rifles you should be able to obtain one with scope for close to...
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    Trump Reaches Out to Outdoor Enthusiasts

    If we fail to vote for a republican candidate that is running, it is like you are voting for the Democrat that is running.
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    Cyanide Importer Arrested

    I also had read this earlier today. As for the Zimbabwe courts, it is any guess as to what will happen. The money that changes hands before it comes to court will be telling.
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    Tanzania: Two Policemen, Six Others Jailed Over Ivory Haul

    By Faustine Kapama The Coast Region Resident Magistrate's Court at Kibaha sentenced eight people, including two police officers, to 20 years in jail and pay total fine of 64bn/- for leading organised crime and unlawful possession of elephant tusks valued at 850.5m/-. Resident Magistrate...
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    Will my Professional Hunter want me to bring more than a .270

    Hi Jim, What country will you be hunting in? This could make a difference in rifle choices. As mentioned, shot placement is what is needed. Type of bullet is another point to look at. Most PH like a nice blood trail if the animal run's or walks of. Above all else, if the animal is hit or...
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    New Member from West Texas

    Welcome to AH... read and enjoy the forum.
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    Accuracy of The perfect shot books

    Study the book. It is so close or exact that it would scare you.