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    North American Big 29 - average success rates?

    This is a goal I set for myself back in 1992 when it was announced Chuck Adams had completed the feat with archery gear. I am currently 20 animals into it. I just recently shot all five North American deer species with my bow in a single season. Each deer averaged around $1000 to hunt via...
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    North American Big 29 - average success rates?

    Drew, you have stated New Mexico as the best of the lower 48. It is my opinion, you have overlooked Colorado where 10 of the 29 reside. In Colorado, and in addition to Mule Deer, Elk, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Pronghorn, and Desert Bighorn Sheep, a person can hunt White-tailed-deer, Shiras...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: A Quiver Full of Memories

    Nicely done Stretch! Congratulation of some super trophies. It's in your blood now, you'll be back! Great write-up!
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    Bow hunting Cape Buffalo cow

    Zenbear, I arrowed a cow buff this past July. I took her with a single arrow weighing 1050 grains tipped with a VPA Penetrator 300 grain two blade head. I used an eighty pound PSE X-Force. My arrow chronoed at 216 fps. A friend shot another cow with his bow set at 77 pounds. He was using a...
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    Mass killings - some food for thought

    Diamond, What an excellent read. Thanks for sharing. I recently posted a comment on Congressman Ed Perlmutter's (D-Seventh Congressional District, Colorado) Facebook page. He's gung-ho to push an anti-gun agenda. I hope nobody minds me sharing. Please advise if you feel I missed something...
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    2013 Pronghorn Hunt

    Rick, Do not mess with Colorado. Honestly, we haven't the number of animals nor the opportunities like Wyoming. There are several areas in Wyoming with good "walk in" and public acess-finding good goats here is not rocket science. There are places around Medicine Bow, for example, where a...
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    A reminder... Colorado archery elk hunt

    All went well... We had twenty three hunters in camp, and everyone got into elk ( except me, I was busy doing chores and making sure people were happy). We had six or seven very close encounters...elk within twenty yards or less. Elk are just tough to kill with a bow! We had three missed...
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    A Lioness and a Klipspringer

    Well done Mudslinger!
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    Wish me luck. Lioness with a bow!!!!!!!!

    Be one with the "Force" Young Mud! Get into a zone...focus on the task at hand. Best wishes my friend!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Finally Got To Go On a Safari

    Congratulations, you did well! Thanks for sharing.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Huntershill Safaris-East Cape

    I'm not sure Bob. I didn't see any buildings like that on the place where we hunted this trip. We may have come in from a back way though. It was dark while we were driving and arriving. Can do on the outfitters report...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Huntershill Safaris-East Cape

    Thanks everyone, The bushbuck was another highlight. He makes up for an encounter I had four years ago. Good friend, Tony Sansalone from Texas, shot this bushbuck (see picture below) with his rifle two days after I had him within six yards. Amazingly, this 15 inch male was bedded on a...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Huntershill Safaris-East Cape

    A resounding ten! That's the score I would give to Huntershill Safaris if hosting a bow hunt was an Olympic sport. They performed flawlessly. I was treated like royalty, and I look forward to a potential return trip in 2014. My travel companions and I arrived in Johannesburg on the 18th of...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: Stick & String Safaris - Mtubatuba

    I agree 100%. A zebra is by far one of the hardest animals to spot and stalk with archery gear. It is still a quest of mine. While I was hunting in the East Cape, Huntershill had a beautiful pedestal mounted zebra in their lodge. I liked it so much that I decided I needed one. Prior to seeing...